Zoe4life, for kids with cancer


Zoé4life donates 150,000 francs to childhood cancer research

In less than three years, Zoé4life has funded over 430,000.- francs of research into childhood cancer in Switzerland. This is an amazing accomplishment for a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.

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World’s Children Raise their Voices for Childhood Cancer in New Single

Every day 700 children are diagnosed with cancer. It’s time to raise our voices. Some of the most famous singing kids on YouTube are forming a supergroup to raise awareness about childhood cancer. And the best part? The children of the…

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One year ago our princess breathed her last breath …
I thought I should not remember this day, I thought it would not matter whether it’s a day, a month, a year!

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Fynn was 2 1/2 when he was diagnosed with cancer.

The next 434 days immersed us in a completely alien world. We hope this video gives you an idea of this world.

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Giacomo’s story

“It’s probably nothing. But can you get out of work and come down here, please?”

Lara’s voice was controlled but taut, with a jagged edge betraying a concern far deeper than that expressed. I could hear her instincts buzzing and her mind ticking over in triple-time. I knew in that moment she sensed the real possibility of something malevolent and terrifying the horizon, its form unseen but its approach unquestionable.

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Zoé4life, for kids with cancer in Switzerland

Together, we can make a difference.

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