Zoe4life, for kids with cancer


Gold in September !

Did you know that September is International Childhood Awareness Month? Throughout the world during the month, important buildings and historic sites will be lit up in gold, the symbolic colour of childhood cancer.

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Beads of Courage !

A new program for French speaking Switzerland, put in place by the Ligue vaudoise contre le cancer and funded by Zoé4life ! Soldiers, policemen and firemen risk their lives every day serving their country or community. Each day people stumble…

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Creating Beads of Courage!

A fun evening! Last week we got together with our team of helpers from the Vaud Cancer League and the CHUV hospital personnel to create the beads of courage necklaces for children who are currently in treatment. The  necklaces will be…

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The knit-o-thon! An amazing show of solidarity!

Pascale’s Knit-o-thon has been an amazing success! What a wonderful and original way to show solidarity and raise funds, while also having fun! Each small piece of this almost 6 meter long scarf represents a donation as well as a…

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The Quiet Rumbling That Turned into a Roar

Originally posted in July 2013. Going GOLD for September. This post is happy and it’s sad. It’s about hope, about taking action, about letting go, about grief. It’s about life, and death, and everything in between. I dedicate this post…

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Cancer Facts It is impossible to measure the impact that childhood cancer has on it’s victims and their families by using statistics but research funding decisions are often based on numbers. Here are some facts about childhood cancer for you…

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