What we do

  • We have implemented a subsidy program for families with a child in treatment , particularly for expenses not covered by insurance. Over one hundred families are supported through this program every year.
  • A new project, Beads of courage, is now implemented for children currently in treatment. This program helps the child understand his treatment plan and feel proud of himself, thus improving his self-esteem. This program is put in place by the ligue vaudoise contre le cancer, and Zoé4life finances the beads.
  • ZOE4LIFE is actively engaged in supporting research for childhood cancer .
  • We continue our awareness campaign about childhood cancer . Geneva’s Jet d’eau will be illuminated in gold to symbolically mark the month of childhood cancer in September of each year.
  • We have funded a sports therapy program for kids with cancer, to help them overcome the treatment-related side effects and regain some self esteem
  • We have put in place a toy cart for kids who spend time in isolation units after stem cell transplants in Geneva
  • We fund fertility saving treatments for children at risk of infertility due to treatment
    Other projects are underway!
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