The Green Tree Raid for Research !

“No engine, just sweat and hard work”.

The Raid l’Arbre Vert is the only nature raid that is exclusively for women. In 2001, in Guyana, the first raid took place, organized by Alexandre and Bruno Debanne Pomart. Since then it has been held every year in the fall and had been a huge success.
There are 255 women from around the world competing in the event, in teams of three. They face difficult challenges: running, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, archery, and all in a natural setting that is a very different environment than what they are used to.

Meet the ZOE4LIFE team
“Three ordinary women for an extraordinary adventure”

Katja, Sarah and Patricia, three women from Lausanne,  represented ZOE4LIFE
in the 2014 raid. They juggled between their family life and their work in order to train, practice and participate in several sporting events throughout the year leading up the raid.
They were determined to give the very best of themselves, while at the same time representing Switzerland, which had few or no participants.
A sporting challenge, but also an important cause, since the objective was to raise as much money as possible for childhood cancer research

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