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Gold in September !

Did you know that September is International Childhood Awareness Month? Throughout the world during the month, important buildings and historic sites will be lit up in gold, the symbolic colour of childhood cancer.

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Zoe4life, 5 years and one million francs for kids with cancer in Geneva and Vaud

zoe4life helping kids with cancer

  Zoe’s wish was to turn 5 years old Five years ago, French-speaking Switzerland rallied around Zoé, a little girl with cancer. Despite heavy treatments, Zoe passed away peacefully in her mother’s arms two days before turning five. Today, the…

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World’s Children Raise their Voices for Childhood Cancer in New Single

Every day 700 children are diagnosed with cancer. It’s time to raise our voices. Some of the most famous singing kids on YouTube are forming a supergroup to raise awareness about childhood cancer. And the best part? The children of the…

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3000km by bike to support kids with cancer

3000km for kids with cancer

Why would two young men, fresh out of college, chose such an epic challenge instead of spending their summer relaxing and enjoying their time off ? They have decided they want to make a difference. They want to raise funds for research into childhood cancer, which claims the life of one child every week in Switzerland.

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The Quiet Rumbling That Turned into a Roar

Originally posted in July 2013. Going GOLD for September. This post is happy and it’s sad. It’s about hope, about taking action, about letting go, about grief. It’s about life, and death, and everything in between. I dedicate this post…

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Cancer Facts It is impossible to measure the impact that childhood cancer has on it’s victims and their families by using statistics but research funding decisions are often based on numbers. Here are some facts about childhood cancer for you…

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