Zoé’s story

This site was created by  ZOE4LIFE, in order to support Zoé’s family as they embarked on yet another battle against cancer. Zoé was born  October 28th  2008 , and was hospitalized at birth for a cancer called “neuroblastoma”. She spent almost three months in the hospital before going home for three months, then the cancer came back in April 2009. The summer of 2009 was spent in treatment, chemo and removal of the tumor and then finally the word “remission” was pronounced in October 2009.

However, a new relapse occured in October 2011 and Zoe was given a more intensive protocol with high dose chemotherapy followed by auto-stem cell transplant.

Despite the apparent success of this treatment, a new relapse occured in December 2012.

Zoe was then four and a half years old. She  felt and acted fine, was always full of laughter and giggles and dreamt of becoming a nurse at the hospital she knows so well, when she grew up.

The new treatment plan for this relapse was even more complex than the previous ones, but the oncology team who had been following her since her birth were still confident that a cure was possible. But this time, the family would probably have to leave the country for treatment for an undertermined length of time. Childhood cancer treatment centres exist in Germany, France and the U.S.A which specialize in this type of cancer.

ZOE4LIFE  was created by friends of Zoé’s family to support them in this new battle.

Unfortunately, in October 2013 we learnt the devastating news that Zoé’s treatment had failed, and that no treatment options were left. With the medical team’s encouragement, ZOE4LIFE organized a dream trip for Zoé’s family to Florida, to see the dolphin, “Winter”. Zoé was able to see Winter but her health deteriorated rapidly after, and she passed away peacefully in her mother’s arms on October 26th.

This is her story, her battle, our battle.

ZOE4LIFE is determined to continue this battle, against this disease which stole our wonderful little girl.

To make a donation, click HERE for details of ZOE4LIFE’s bank account. All amounts, large or small, are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to organize an event or a fundraiser for Zoé4life, contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. We appreciate any ideas! Thank you!

To read Zoé’s story from the beginning, here is her mother’s blog, in French: http://zoeguignard.com/

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