Zoe4life, 5 years and one million francs for kids with cancer in Geneva and Vaud

zoe4life helping kids with cancer


Zoe’s wish was to turn 5 years old

Five years ago, French-speaking Switzerland rallied around Zoé, a little girl with cancer. Despite heavy treatments, Zoe passed away peacefully in her mother’s arms two days before turning five. Today, the NGO Zoé4life, founded by Zoé’s family and friends, reaches it’s five year anniversary, and supports over a hundred families of kids with cancer every year.

A child dies of cancer every week in Switzerland

Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children. Despite recent advances in cancer treatment for adults, very few new drugs have been developed for children with cancer in the past decade. Like Zoé, many kids in Switzerland run out of treatment options, and a child dies of cancer every week.

Zoe4life actively funds research and advocates for better access to new innovative treatments. Thanks to the NGO’s funding partnership of the Swiss Pediatric Oncology Group, three new treatment protocols have opened which will help children who, like Zoé, would otherwise run out of treatment options in Switzerland. This represents an investment of more than 580,000 francs to date.

One hundred families supported every year

Zoé4life does more than support research. The NGO, which is recognized as a public service utility, also helps families of children at the HUG Geneva hospital and the CHUV in Lausanne. Over one hundred families are supported each year. The total cost of the family support program to date has surpassed. 350’000.- francs.

Projects for children being treated for cancer

Zoé4life also finances projects for children during their treatment. The Beads of Courage program, run by the Ligue vaudoise contre le cancer, the Active Toys Cart at the HUG hospital, a camp outing for a group of young people in remission – all are part of Zoé4life’s continuing support. Zoe4life also covers all costs associated with fertility preservation treatments for children whose medical team deem they require it. These costs are usually not covered by health insurance. Over 80’000 francs have gone to these projects to date.

Two major events taking place in 2018 to celebrate the five year anniversary

Two major events in the La Côte region, including a festival combined with team building corporate challenge called Day4life, and a Comedy Gala event at the Rosey Concert Hall in Rolle with six well known Swiss comedians will be opportunities for Zoe4life to raise funds as well as awareness. Geneva’s jet d’eau will be lit up in gold colours in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and the Mont Blanc Bridge will bear gold ribbon flags. September will also see a major awareness campaign taking place, with gold ribbons available in shops and cafés around the region.


About Zoé4life

Zoé4life is a registered non profit organization based in Switzerland and recognized as a public service utility, which works in the field of childhood cancer. It’s goals are to support families of children with cancer at HUG hospital in Geneva and CHUV in Lausanne, as well as research, and also fund projects for children during their treatments. http://www.en.zoe4life.org

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