Zoé4life hosted an awareness and fundraising event in the beautiful lake-side town of Rolle on October 1st 2016! This team-building and family-friendly event marked the closing of September, International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, during which many awareness activities took place, including the illumination in gold of Geneva’s Jet d’eau for the 4th year in a row. Gold is the symbolic colour representing solidarity for children with cancer – the number onecause of death by disease in children.


Day4life was a day of solidarity, which encouraged the people of Suisse Romande to show their support for this cause, while also enjoying a fun day of various activities by the lake. It was also be an excellent opportunity to take part in our team-building event for groups and organizations wishing to strengthen their interpersonal bonds while engaging in a challenging afternoon, all in the name of a great cause. As Zoé4life’s motto states: Together, we can make a difference!



Our celebrity ambassador:1529294_pic_970x641

Jean-Marc Richard, well know television and radio show host, gave us the honour of being our ambassador for the event. Jean-Marc Richard is already quite active as Switzerland’s ambassador for the Rights of the Child since 2006. He chose to support Zoé4life and this event for the following reasons:


“I am deeply moved by the fact that Zoé4life was able to turn a tragedy into an active, extremely well-known organization that benefits so many.”


The event had two main parts:

“Zoé’s Village”

Zoé loved to laugh, but even more than that, she loved to have fun, see people, play, and live every moment of her life to the fullest. Zoé’s Village, which was set up in the courtyard in front of the historic Rolle Castle,  represented that joy for life, a place where people came to meet-up, share a meal or a drink, spend time together, or take part in one of the many activities for all ages.

Some of the many events and activities:

  • Evening concert by the popular local group « Les Pseudos »
  • Capoeira initiation and demonstration
  • Zumba for kids & Zumba for adults
  • Cupcake workshop for kids (The Melazic Kingdom)
  • Information booths about Zoé4life and other partners
  • Food and beverage booths



“Zoé’s Challenge”

A team-building event like no other – fun, challenging, lightly competitive but accessible to anyone – this was the event to sign up for to show that together, we can make a difference.


Based on the principles of an orienteering race, this event saw two dozen teams of four to eight people each competing, using maps and clues, to find their way to special posts throughout Rolle as they raced to complete the challenge. They encountered various obstacles, tests and trials and ultimately made their way back to Zoé’s Village for one last challenge.




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