3000km by bike to support kids with cancer

3000km for kids with cancer

They left Bern two weeks ago, and have been biking several hours every day, in the blinding sun and sweltering heat, on a heart shaped journey.
An average of 150km a day for their amazing challenge: a race through Europe in the shape of a heart, for a total of just over 3000km.

Just a few days ago they made it to Paris and were able to rest and regain their strength. Today, an early start again as they leave the city of lights, and at some point today they will have reached the halfway point on their adventure: they will have biked 1500km. But still another 1500km awaits them over the next several days.

Why would two young men, fresh out of college, chose such an epic challenge instead of spending their summer relaxing and enjoying their time off ? They have decided they want to make a difference. They want to raise funds for research into childhood cancer, which claims the life of one child every week in Switzerland.

Their motivation, as their legs get bruised and tired, as their arms strain and their backs ache, are the kids fighting for survival in the hospitals in Lausanne and  Geneva.

They want to show their solidarity for those kids and their families, and in doing so, they are showing the world that together, we can all make a difference.

To follow the adventures of Jeremy and Kenneth “live” go to their facebook page or read their daily reports on their website.

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